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LED Lights - FAQ

General LED Strip FAQ’s

What is the difference between Standard Power 3528 and High/Super High Power 5050 LED Strip?

We hope the information below gives all the information you need.

How quickly will you receive your colour change LED strip light kit?

Our standard colour change LED strip light kits are despatched within 48 hours. If you have requested a custom LED strip light kit please allow 72 hours before despatch. 

Can LED Strip Go Around Corners?

Yes absolutely. The LED strip cannot be bent around a 90 degree corner as this will damage the circuit board but you can cut and re-join the strip to make the corner bend.

We can make this adjustment or a competent electrician can make the adjustments. There are 2 ways of doing this, either, add one of our 90 degree plastic corner connectors (we can do this or we can supply the connectors with your order)

Or ......

We can cut the strip and re-join as indicated in the section above, this will allow the strip to go around a 90 degree corner without allowing the LED strip to kink and break the circuit.

Can you make a custom length of LED strip to my requirements?

Yes we can. Please email your requirements on our form below or the navigation bar above and we will respond with a quotation. The 12 volt LED strip has cut points every 50mm and the 24 volt LED strip has cut points every 100mm so please allow for this when working out how much you require.

Here are some of the custom things we can do for you:

If you wish us to do the work for you just use our custom length contact form and we can quote to do the alterations. 

Can you supply waterproof LED drivers for the custom LED strip light kits?

As standard our LED strip light kits come with non-waterproof power supplies but if you have a requirement that will expose the power supply to moisture let us know and we can supply a waterproof power supply to go with your custom length LED strip light kit.

Please note though these are usually more expensive than standard power supplies.

Can you supply dimmer units for the custom LED strip light kits?

Yes we can custom quote your kit with a relevant dimmer unit. We have a number of dimmer units available including inline rollers and wireless radio controlled dimmers for the fixed colour kits.

Can you supply just the LED strip with no power supply?

Yes. Just contact us with your requirement and we will be happy to quote for just the strip you require. Please be aware that if you intend to use another manufacturer’s power supply this will invalidate any warranty on our LED strip lights.

Can you run a number of LED strips from one power supply?

Yes absolutely, for smaller kits we have a simple plug in Y splitter that plugs inline, for larger kits we can cut the LED strip into the lengths required and supply a suitable power supply that will allow you to run all of the lengths from a single unit.

Can you supply kits that plug into the mains or hard wire into a 240 volt switch?

Our standard fixed colour and colour change LED strip light kits up to 5 metres come with a UK plug that you can plug in directly or you can remove this plug top and hard wire into a switch.

For longer kits we supply larger power supplies that will need you to hard wire into a mains supply switch or add some flex with a plug to plug into a socket.

How much cable comes as standard with your LED strip light kits?

The Fixed colour LED strip light kits up to 5 metres comes with the following:

If you need longer lengths just let us know and we can come up with a solution that fits your requirements.

Can you extend the cables from the power supply?

Yes, just let us know how much cable you need and we can quote for this adjustment to be made.

I have an area that I want to bridge can you put cable joins in the kit?

Yes we can, just let us know the length of LED strip you need and the lengths of the cable bridges you need and we can make the kit to this specification so that it is all ready for installation.

What lengths of LED strip can you make?

The options are almost limitless. We can make kits up to 100 metres. Just send your requirement though to us with as much information about your installation as possible and we will come up with a solution and cost for the kit.

We will always price the custom length kits with power supply so the kit is ready to go unless you instruct us otherwise.

Due to the 12 volt LED strip having cut points every 50mm and 24 volt LED strip having cut points every 100mm along the strip we can only make kits to 50mm or 100mm increments so please allow for this when measuring for your installation.

Do you price match LED strip?

We will do better than that! If you find a like for like product anywhere else we will beat it by 5%

How long does LED strip last?

Due to our LED strip using very high quality LED’s the rated life of our LED strip is 50000 hours.

What colours of LED strip are available?

We have a large selection of colours available in our LED strip range:

Can I use LED strip outdoors?

We always advise that you use the fully waterproof IP68 LED strip for outdoor use. The standard kits we supply come with a non-waterproof power supply so this would need to be located indoors. We can supply waterproof power supplies upon request.

Our fully waterproof IP68 outdoor LED strip is made in the factory to order, so make sure you double check your measurements as this LED strip cannot be modified once it is made.

The standard LED strip is laid in a flexible rubber channel and then sealed with a clear rubber to make the strip and connections totally waterproof.

What types can we supply?

Please allow 10 working days for delivery of this range of products.

Can I use LED strip in my boat or caravan?

The standard LED strip we supply runs on 12 volt DC so will connect in nicely to the 12 volt system on most caravans, motor homes or boats.

We always recommend that there is a fuse added in between the power source and start of the LED strip.

What is the difference between the waterproof, water resistant and non-waterproof LED strip?

What voltage does LED strip work at?

We supply as standard 12 volt DC LED strip but also offer 24 volt LED strip for longer custom lengths.

Can I join LED strip myself?

It is a very simple job all you need is:

After the strip has been cut across the designated cut point you will see 2 copper terminals on either side of the strip each with be indicated with a + and – sign.

Strip back the insulation by a few millimetres and apply a small amount of solder to the cable ends and solder to the corresponding copper terminal on the strip, avoid prolonged contact on the strip with the soldering iron as this can cause the circuit to burn out.

It is then advisable to use a small amount of heat shrink over the connection to make it look neat and tidy.

Can I cut LED strip to the required length?

LED strip has cut points every 50mm on the 12 volt and 100mm on the 24 volt LED strip these are clearly indicated all the way along the length of strip. All you need is sharp scissors to make a clean cut across the strip.

If you are unsure about doing this let us do the work for you we can custom make the kit to your specific length requirements so all you need to do is plug the kit together.

Please note this does not apply to IP68 fully waterproof LED strip which cannot be cut to length once to have received it.

Contact us for a quote.

What is the LED strip power supply?

The LED power supply or driver as it is also known is the transformer part of the kit, it converts the 240 volt input into a very safe 12 volt or 24 volt DC output.

How do I attach the LED strip to the surface?

Very simple. The standard non waterproof and water resistant LED strip comes with a super sticky high quality 3M adhesive on the back. You peel off the cover and attach. The adhesive is resistant to moisture and can be reattached if you position it in the wrong place.

The IP68 outdoor LED strip requires you to either attach with a Mastik type bonding agent or you can screw the strip onto the surface with the clips that are supplied.

Where can I use LED strip?

LED strip has a huge number of applications, every week customers seem to be finding new applications for it, below is just a few:

How does the LED strip work?

LED strip is very clever is it a series of LED’s along a thin printed circuit board. We supply only top quality 60 LED per metre LED strip to ensure that you get great light output than runs evenly along the strip. Beware of cheaper alternatives that only offer 30 LED’s per metre these will obviously not offer such high light output.

What do I get when I buy one of your LED strip kits?

We supply everything you need to get going with your LED strip kit so that it is completely plug and play there are no extras in our prices.

You will get:

If you are hard wiring your LED strip kit you can remove the UK plug and connect to a junction box. We recommend that an NIC registered electrician carries out this type of installation work.

5050 Fixed Colour LED Strip - High or Super High Power - 12 or 24 Volt - Which to choose?

We have an extensive range of 5050 type LED strip, here is some help with which type to choose.

What does 5050 mean?

5050 is an industry standard for this type of LED strip, it is 10mm wide and 14.4 watts pwe metre with 60 LED's per metre, self-adhesive 3M backing (excluding IP68 fully waterproof type)

Should I choose 12 volt or 24 volt type?

If you are looking for kits with individual lengths less than 10 metres the 12 volt type is the ideal choice. If you are looking for much larger and longer installations with lengths up to 19 metres long then the 24 volt type is the one to go for.


12 volt 5050 LED strip will enable a single length of 10 metres after this you get a voltage drop so the LED's go dim. The 24 volt 5050 LED strip allows individual single lengths up to 19 metres long making the 24 volt better for longer and more complex LED strip kits.

High Power or Super High Power?

We offer two power outputs on our range of 5050 LED strip. High power and Super high power.

Both are 10mm wide with 60 LED's per metre and both are still only 14.4 watts per metre, but the light output is different.

As you can see the super high power offers twice the light output to the standard high power which is already pretty bright.

If you burn 12 volt LED strips nonstop every day - how long will it last with their bright shining? Will it become weaker and eventually fade away or just burn out?

They should last about 30,000 hours you will find the LED's will start to fade when they have reached the end of their life.